Concentrates have grown substantially more popular in recent years. These potent products offer significant results in a tiny package. If you’re new to the world of concentrates, you’ll quickly find that there are numerous options on the market. Choosing which one to try can feel almost overwhelming. Here, we’ll focus on shatter vs wax to help make your decision a little easier.

What Exactly Is a Concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are potent extracts of the cannabis plant. Where flowers reach upwards of 30% THC, concentrates can have THC concentrations of 50% to more than 90% depending upon the type. One of the most popular methods of consumption is dabbing. Some users also enjoy kicking up their smoking experience by adding small amounts of their preferred concentrate to a joint or bowl.

Making Cannabis Concentrates

There are a few ways to make cannabis concentrates. One of the most common methods involves the use of butane.  The process uses heat and liquid butane to pull the cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds from the plant material. Before packaging, manufacturers evaporate the butane from the final product for safety.

All concentrates made using butane are called butane hash oil (BHO) regardless of their consistency. Therefore, when it comes to shatter vs wax, the only difference is consistency. While they use a similar manufacturing process, the two products are physically very different from one another.


Shatter is a translucent concentrate that looks almost like an amber-colored glass. Despite its solid appearance, it is a bit stretchier than it looks (although it’s not nearly as pliable as other concentrates). It’s also very fragile. With little effort, it shatters into tiny pieces.

Like other BHO concentrates, shatter involves the use of butane to extract cannabinoids. It undergoes gentle heating to remove the solvent from the final product. The process is what creates a smooth, glass-like consistency.

Many users consider shatter to be the purest type of concentrate. It can also be more challenging to work with due to its brittle nature. It does tend to have a longer shelf life than other options, though.


Wax has a very different consistency than shatter. Where shatter is brittle, wax is smoother and softer. The difference occurs as a result of the heating and cooling that occurs during processing. After heating, the sticky cannabis concentrate cools and hardens into a pliable, waxy substance.

Wax tends to be cheaper than shatter, and it’s often easier to use, especially if you use a dab tool. It does have more surface area, though, so it degrades more quickly.

Shatter vs Wax Which is Best?

If you’re considering dipping your toes into the world of cannabis concentrates, understanding your options will help make your decision easier. Shatter and wax, along with the various other types of products on the market, have their benefits and drawbacks. The truth is that the right one is entirely up to you. If you can’t decide, don’t hesitate to speak with a cannabis expert at Harvest Bloom. You can also try different types to see which one you like best.