The Purple OG strain, which is also known as Purple OG Kush, is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a cross between two well-known varieties of cannabis, Purple OG and OG Kush. It averages around 18% THC, making it a good option for most users. Some plants, however, can get as high as 27%. For newer cannabis users or those sensitive to THC, you should pay attention to the product label to see the exact potency of the flowers you’re buying.  

What It Looks Like

Purple OG showcases its Indica heritage with its densely packed buds. The flowers can get quite heavy as they grow. As such, the branches often require support to keep from snapping. The buds are a mossy green color with streaks of purple that develop throughout when they’re ready to harvest. The leaves can also show hints of purple if they get exposed to cooler temperatures at the right time during the growth cycle.  

Flavor and Aroma

The Purple OG strain is quite aromatic. You’ll likely immediately notice that it has an herbaceous grape scent. Upon closer inspection, your nose may pick up on notes of berries and pine. The smell of grapes comes from its Purple Kush parent, while the pine undertones come from the muskier OG Kush. 

The flavor of Purple OG is similar to its aroma. You’ll get a nice mix of sweet berries, earthiness, and pine. The strain certainly showcases the best of both of its parents. 

purple leaf

Effects of Purple OG 

While Purple OG may only be slightly Indica-dominant (60% Indica/40% Sativa), its effects lean pretty heavily on the Indica side of things. Using this strain produces an intense, sedating body high that quickly relaxes you. For some, the effects can be so strong that they become locked to their sofa or bed, unable to move. 

Along with leaving you feeling sleepy, you’ll also get some of the Sativa effects. Purple OG can produce a euphoric head high that uplifts your mind and leaves you feeling happier. For many users, the strain can also trigger a case of the munchies. Even though you’re sleepy, you might find yourself wishing you had something to eat. You might consider keeping some snacks nearby so that you can take care of that hunger when it hits. 

Medical Uses for Purple OG

There are some medical uses for Purple OG as well. Its sedative effects make it an excellent option for those who deal with insomnia. A hit or two, and it’ll be much easier to drift off to sleep. The hunger-inducing properties also make it worth considering if you’re dealing with appetite loss. 

Purple OG can also help soothe pain and ease anxiety. Be careful with the strain, though. Taking too much can turn its anti-anxiety effects into anxiety-inducing ones. If you’re new to cannabis or more sensitive to the effects of THC, start with a low dose first to see how it affects you. 

Final Thoughts

While it’s only a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid, Purple OG definitely demonstrates its Indica heritage. It’s a relaxing, sedating strain that can lock you to wherever you’re sitting. Despite the sleepy effects, it does still showcase some of its Sativa background with its euphoric, mood-boosting effects. If you’re looking for something with a great flavor that can help you fight insomnia or increase your appetite, Purple OG may be the right choice for you.