Sweet Relief Body Butter

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  • Regular Strength - 2 oz
  • Extra Strength - 1 oz
Help Where It Hurts

Our deeply soothing Sweet Relief body butter is a luxurious and potent medicinal cream made of organic coconut oil infused with kief (the powerhouse crystals of cannabis), shea butter, sweet almond oil and select essential oils. It nourishes the skin and provides direct, localized relief from a variety of ailments such as: chronic pain, inflammation, sore muscles, and skin conditions. Sweet Relief is handcrafted in small batches to ensure a consistently concentrated and quality product so that you can get "help where it hurts."

Sweet Relief Is:

Highly concentrated
Whipped for the smoothest possible texture
Tested for consistent quality & concentration
Made of 100% natural oil & butter-- no alcohol or petroleum, because, yuck...
Soft and melts into your skin without leaving it feeling greasy like a second skin
Activated relief with NO psychoactive effects-- you will not get "high" from using Sweet Relief
Cruelty free-- no emu oil is used in our product



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