Somatik Sparks Goji Berries Mini (6mg CBD - 3mg THC) Promo

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Brand Somatik

Unwind with the perfect chill pill!

Try our little chill pill! Somatik™ Goji Berry Sparks are the perfect artisanal edibles to integrate into your daily life. Our single serving size is 9mg per pouch. With a 2:1 CBD ratio, each antioxidant-rich berry contains 3mg of cannabinoids for a synergistic effect and great for stress, pain, and relaxation. Pop a few into your mouth, let the chocolate melt and be whisked away to a chill state.

We partnered with award-winning chocolatier Endorphin Foods and Imlak’esh Organics to bring you a vegan, cane-sugar free, ethically sourced treat with an amazing complex taste. Rich cacao coats an organic goji berry, smoothly blending flavor notes of fruit, chocolate, tartness, and just a little sparkle. It’s our unique take on superfood.

Each ingredient is sourced from direct trade relationships, and the rare single-origin chocolate comes from a collective focused on regenerative farming practices. The entire experience can effortlessly relax you, and increase your wellbeing and help spark a little magic during your day.

Vegan Ingredients:

Organic Cacao, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Goji Berry, Coconut Sugar, Starch, Cannabis (butane-free extraction)



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