Cold Brew Somatik Coffee

$ 12.00

Brand Somatik

Somatik™ is a new way to enjoy cannabis and coffee together.

Somatik has partnered with Ritual Coffee to bring you (damn good) single-origin coffee, infused with pure California grown cannabis.

Our cold brew contains just the right dose of cannabis and caffeine for a mild euphoric effect and balanced experience. With clarity and energy, it's designed to bring out the best in you.

The taste is light-bodied and smooth with subtle notes of cherry, a hint of herbaceous flavor, and undertones of bright lemon.

Cannabis is a great way to holistically treat your mind and body. Somatik's goal is to help you find the right dose and rituals that strengthen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. They want to help you enlighten up.

15mg THC