Red Beard Farms - Hawaiian Gold (Sativa)

$ 60.00

[Pineapple X Super Lemon Haze]
Hawaiian Gold crosses two popular Sativas, one known for crystal covered buds, and the other for its potent aroma. The cultivator sifted through hundreds of phenotypes before coming across this special gem that perfectly expresses the best traits of its parent strains. 

Hawaiian Gold has energetic effects useful for medicating during the daytime, when you need to stay alert and productive. This strain would be great for a creative new undertaking, or an outdoor adventure. Medicating with this strain brings along a sense of well-being and balance, making it effective at treating depression and anxiety. 

Many patients have developed a strange obsession with this strain, so beware - it may lead to chronic consumption!

18% THC

Net Weight: 3.5 grams



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