Orange Juice (Hybrid)

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Strain Highlights

Orange Juice, bred by Gage Green Genetics, mixes one of their staple strains Joseph (Underdog OG bag seed) with a cross of California Orange and OG Kush. An indica-driven hybrid, Orange Juice erupts with a blast of orange and lemon notes that combine with diesel undertones to create an inviting aroma and a mouthful of sweet earthy citrus. The effects of Orange Juice are relatively balanced, producing a relaxed body with a happy and uplifted head buzz.

This flower was organically grown on a small outdoor farm in Humboldt County and was machined trimmed when harvested.

Perfect for customers who prefer quantity over quality. Even though the looks are not comparative to our top shelf flower, it smokes great. We especially recommend using it for joints.

15.6% THC

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