Emerald Family Farms Rosin .5g

$ 25.00

Rosin is a non-solvent extraction process in which trichomes are liquefied with heat and pressure, then filtered by silk screens. Our process is unique in that we apply more pressure to the trichomes. This allows us to press at a lower temperature resulting in a product with higher terpene and cannabinoid ratios than others seen to date. Along with a more robust profile, the product itself is safer for human consumption due to a process known as pascalization in which molds and bacteria are destroyed.    

Sugar Black Rose Pineapple Sage Mr. Tahoe 707 Kush F Cancer (CBD)
Genetics indica hybrid indica indica Sativa/CBD
THC% 64.63 74.64 64.8 74.82 45
CBD% 9.35 5.44 2.69 5.99 12