Glookies (Hybrid)

$ 20.00

Lineage: Cookies (Formerly GSC) x Gorilla Glue
The most amped version of Cookies, get ready for a swinging good time when you take a puff of Glookies. Taking a strong influence from her massive Gorilla mommy, Glookies has a strong diesel smell with hints of chocolate along the nose. Her sweet flavor really comes alive on the palate where the Cookies shows a stronger influence with sugary pastry notes balancing out the dominating Gorilla flavors. A great strain for nighttime use, expect a happy relaxing high that blends euphoric notes with a creative uplifted high to create the ultimate decompression. Medicinally this strain is ideal for those suffering from insomnia, stress, pain, anxiety, depression, appetite issues, nausea and digestive problems, and ADHD.