Treatwell - 3:1 CBD|THC

$ 66.00

Brand Treatwell

* 300mg total active cannabinoids (225mg CBD, 75mg THC) * 30ml dropper bottle

* Very mild euphoria, if any (very mild "high", if any) *

MCT oil base (fractionated coconut oil) * Full plant spectrum * Top shelf flowers only (no shake or trim used) * Patients have found this tincture useful for pain, inflammation and the maintenance of auto-immune issues such as Crohn's Colitis, IBS, MS and Psoriasis. In larger doses, this tincture can be extremely effective for breast cancer and auto-immune flare-ups. This extremely high quality tincture is made from top shelf flowers only to provide the widest spectrum of useful cannabinoids and terpenes possible. We use a proprietary organic ethanol extraction process to preserve this spectrum without the unwanted fats/waxes and chlorophyll that other extraction processes push through. There are no additives or post processing which assures the plant's molecular compounds remain intact, delivering the full medicinal benefits of the plant.



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