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Day Time Elixir

THC: 150mg

This is a formula containing Sativa, Ginger, & Echinacea, great for people medicating in the day. The Ginger is wonderful for nausea and the Echinacea strengthens the immune system. Patients looking for light relief and THCA find this formula particularly beneficial. It can be used as a supplement and is delicious when added to sparkling water, hot tea or any cold beverage.
Sugar Free
30 ml/ 1 Full Oz.


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by averdi
the driver was super nice and the cartridge and edibles i got were good quality. i’d order again :)
by adamh18
I am from out of town and I have to say this delivery service puts the ones I have back home to shame very friendly and helpful staff and I love the website super simple. I definitely recommend these guys
by chaser5247
I am a Bay Area native and have lived all around the Bay Area. I have ordered from many different places, but HARVEST BLOOM is by FAR the best place to order. Their delivery/order process is simple! Their packaging and presentation is impressive! They are also very professional & friendly!
by Larspeter
Good service and have what I need
by sgrace94
I love the different strains that change from time to time, the flower is always high quality, dense and potent as far as scent. I highly recommend the Do-si-dos, brain candy and blueberry you will not be disappointed here :)

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