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Beboe X Defonce Dark Chocolate 50mg

THC: 50.00%

What’s better than a beautiful Belgian-style Chocolate square at the end of a long day?
That’s right, one with a cannabis twist.

In partnership with our friends at Defonce, Beboe is introducing our first cannabis-infused, exquisitely-rich, dark chocolate product. Make with the finest sustainable ingredients, purchased directly from former cooperatives, our semi-sweet 64% cacao chocolate combines subtle vanilla notes with a robust roasted cocoa flavor.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural vanilla flavor, cannabis extract.

10 individually wrapped squares of 5 MGS each


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50.00 %

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by averdi
the driver was super nice and the cartridge and edibles i got were good quality. i’d order again :)
by adamh18
I am from out of town and I have to say this delivery service puts the ones I have back home to shame very friendly and helpful staff and I love the website super simple. I definitely recommend these guys
by chaser5247
I am a Bay Area native and have lived all around the Bay Area. I have ordered from many different places, but HARVEST BLOOM is by FAR the best place to order. Their delivery/order process is simple! Their packaging and presentation is impressive! They are also very professional & friendly!
by Larspeter
Good service and have what I need
by sgrace94
I love the different strains that change from time to time, the flower is always high quality, dense and potent as far as scent. I highly recommend the Do-si-dos, brain candy and blueberry you will not be disappointed here :)

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