Don't already have a doctors recommendation or need a renewal? No problem, we have partnered with the incredible people at to make getting a recommendation or renewal as seamless and convenient as possible from the comfort of your home or office.

helloMD is the first digital healthcare platform specifically for medical marijuana patients. Patients use this service to connect with a doctor, get a medical cannabis recommendation using Telehealth technology, and gain seamless entry to thousands of cannabis products, dispensaries and advice on medicinal efficacy.

helloMD helps hundreds of patients each week become fully legal as provided for by California Proposition 215.

How it Works

  1. Go to and register
  2. Provide some medical information for your file
  3. Join a video consultation with a doctor on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  4. If advisable, your doctor will write a medical marijuana recommendation
  5. Your recommendation will be available for immediate use at harvest bloom
  6. A physical card will be mailed to your address the same day


    What Does it Cost


    You pay $49 for a doctor’s consultation and yearly membership. There are no hidden costs or additional fees. If approved, your recommendation may be printed for immediate use. Two original copies, along with a convenient ID card will be mailed to you the same day.