Who do you share my information with?

All your information will be kept confidential and is protected per Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To read the full Patient-Member Agreement click here.  

More about our medicine ?

We only provide medication from the best and most reputable cultivators in the industry. In addition, we test the medicine we provide ourselves to ensure quality and to provide an honest and articulate consultation to our patient members on the effects of the medicine that we provide.

Delivery fees ?

Our delivery fee is free. We do require a minimum order of $50 for delivery ($100 minimum for some outlying areas). 

Do you accept credit cards ?

Yes. At the time of checkout, our donation option will be POD (payment on delivery). All donations are processed in person at the time of delivery. Credit cards must have the patient's/caregiver name on the card. Valid ID is required for every delivery. Call for more information.

Do I need to tip my delivery person?

No. Tipping is always nice and at your discretion but is not mandatory

My vape cartridge that is not working, how can I get it replaced?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all vape products. If you have a cartridge or battery that is not working, please call or email us. We will swap out defective batteries and carts on your next scheduled delivery. Please have as much of the product and packaging available for the driver. 

Before you exchange your cartridge, we think this video might help fix most cartridge issues.