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When you think of cannabis, your mind likely goes to the vast array of flowers, extracts, vaporizers, and edibles available at your local dispensary. While these products are the hallmarks, the cannabis industry has so much more to offer. Here are some of the coolest cannabis accessories on the market.

flower grinder

Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddy is a personal air filter that makes smoking cannabis a little more discreet. Instead of exhaling smoke directly into the air, you blow it through Smoke Buddy. The air emerges odorless. The filter also helps to eliminate pollutants and reduce the impact on non-smokers around you.
Smoke Buddy is available in three different sizes and a variety of colors and patterns. They typically last 200 to 300 uses. When you’re finding it difficult to exhale through, it’s time to replace it.

OTTO Grinder

Grinding and rolling cannabis are two very time-consuming tasks. The OTTO Grinder by Banana Bros. completes both tasks in less than one minute. All it takes to operate is the push of a single button. As far as cannabis accessories, it’s a win-win.

The electric grinder in the top piece is spring-loaded and uses artificial intelligence to sense the consistency of the flower. It adjusts automatically to ensure the grind is just right. Once complete, the ground cannabis funnels down into the cone. Prefer to vape? You can simply remove the bottom tube and load your ground flower directly into your vaporizer.

Levo II

If you enjoy making edibles with homemade cannabutter or cannaoil but don’t have the time to stand over a stove, the Levo II herbal oil infuser is just what you need to make your experience more pleasant.

First, you need to decarboxylate your flowers, which you can do by placing them in the metal pod and putting them through the drying and activation cycles. Once ready, fill the reservoir with butter or your chosen oil and set your cook time.

If you need to be outside of your kitchen, Levo II connects to your WiFi network. You can download the app onto your smartphone and control the device from where ever you are.

HEIR Water Pipe

The HEIR water pipe, made from ceramic, stainless steel, and nearly unbreakable borosilicate glass, offers a classier way to get high. It’s a sleek, minimalist design that looks great and works even better. It features a wide mouth, tapered neck, and no-slip grip for ease of use.

When you light it up, the smoke travels through a downward stem that percolates it and diffuses it evenly throughout the water. There’s a splash guard located at the bottom of the pipe to keep the water from ruining your hit.

Gold Leaf Journals

Gold Leaf journals are a unique way to keep track of all of your favorite cannabis strains and what they do for you. The company offers a variety of notebooks, including:

  • The Cannabis Taster
  • The Grow Planner
  • The Patient Journal
  • The Cooking Journal
  • The CBD Jotter
  • The Pet CBD Jotter

The beautifully designed journals help you to keep track of your experiences and provide helpful references that ensure the best experiences possible.

Cannabis Accessories Add to the Experience

There’s more to cannabis than the flower and its effects. The industry has an incredible selection of accessories designed to help you get the most out of your experiences. No matter how you enjoy your cannabis, there’s a cool accessory out there for you.