Korova Single Gram All Flower Pre Rolls

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Brand Korova

White Walkers

A strain-specific pre roll by Korova. White Walker Kush, often confused with the award-winning Whitewalker OG, is a moderately potent (THC 13-18%), mood-elevating, appetite-stimulating and energetically giggly, 60/40, Sativa-Dominant, relax-at-home hybrid cross between White Widow and Skywalker. Often used for extracts, this spicy, herbal, earth and chemical strain can inspire nice episodes of creativity.


Whipped Cherries

CHERRY CREAM PIE X COOKIES & CREAM F2. A product of Exotic Genetix, this Indica-leaning hybrid offers a delicious terpene profile that smells sweet and sour on top of a bit of gas. Whipped Cherries grows bushy, medium-tall plants and has larger, velvety soft nuggets. Spots of purple peek through a blanket of terpene rich trichomes. Enjoy Whipped Cherries for its delicious flavor and euphoric sedation.

20.63% THC



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