Aster Farms - Day to Night Pre Rolls

$ 40.00

The Day To Night pack was born out of the need for variety. Our 5x 0.71 pre-roll pack takes consumers from “day” to “night” with five different strains using our sunscape as a guide.

Each pre-roll offers a different experience - sunrise, radiant, sunset, moonlight and outer space - recommended for the time of day or desired effects. The product is perfect as a party pack, personal pack or for those looking to better understand strains they enjoy.

Sunrise: Candy Apple -Sativa, 16.7% THC

Radiant: Maui OG - Hybrid, 15.8% THC

Sunset: Royal Highness - Hybrid, 16.9% THC

Moonlight: Paris OG - Indica, 12.7% THC

Outer Space: White Buffalo - Sativa 21.9% THC



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