State Flower Cannabis - GDP (Indica)

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Purple Urkle x Big Bud

Living up to its name, Granddaddy Purple or "GDP" is a classic strain that can be credited with popularizing the "purple weed" trend. Its stunning purple hue, potent aroma and heavy high is ideal for pain management, appetite stimulation and more. Synonymous with Bay Area cannabis culture, GDP is the Cannaseur's go-to strain for a high that's both relaxing and stimulating. A great strain for those looking to calm down an overactive mind and drift away into sleep.

18.97% THC

Net Weight: 3.5 grams


About State Flower-


We grow hydroponically, indoors, feeding our flowers a proprietary blend of bio-mineral nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Prior to harvest, plants are flushed for two weeks with pure, clean water.  Then, after slow-drying for two more weeks, each batch of our flowers are dry trimmed by hand and carefully cured.

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