Island - Cypress OG (Indica)

$ 45.00

Brand Island

Sit back and relax with this indica-dominant strain. Cypress OG will help bring you back down to earth after a long day. With pungent, earthy, piney aromas this strain brings you a taste of the outdoors. Dive in and enjoy. 

THC 21%

Top Shelf Flower With Nothing to Hide.

Fresh, clean flower, dried and cured to perfection. We package 3.5 grams of each freshly harvested batch into our compact glass containers to maximize freshness, flavor and integrity.

The Island Standard.

Since the first Island product rolled out of our hands and into yours in 2014, our reputation has always hinged on sourcing artisanal quality, 100% natural and pesticide-free flower from farmers who care as deeply about the product as we do. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of responsible, sustainable and innovative cannabis farming, and delivering health and happiness to our customers.



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