Chill Gourmet Chocolate Bars

$ 18.00

Brand Chill

Chill, The Highest Chocolate

At Chill, we offer the highest experience. From our cacao to our cannabis, we are dedicated to quality, safety and social responsibility. We work daily to give our consumers a consistent, safe and delicious product. Our chocolate bars are handmade from ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality. 

Acai Berry - CBD Dark Chocolate 50mg THC : 50mg CBD
2nd Place Best CBD Edible 2018 WORLD CUP High Times Cannabis Cup!!! 2nd Place Best CBD Edible 2018 So Cal High Times Cannabis CUP!!!
Dried acai berries chopped and mixed into dark chocolate

Cappuccino Crunch - Milk Chocolate 100mg THC

Caramel CBD Dark Chocolate - 50mg THC : 50mg CBD
1st Place Best CBD Edible 2018 Nor Cal High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!!!
Irresistibly rich dark chocolate infused with caramel

Cookie Jar White Chocolate - 100mg THC
White Chocolate with crushed cookies and mini chocolate chips

Dark Chocolate - 100mg THC
Rich, smooth dark chocolate sourced from the finest cocoa

Milk Chocolate  -100mg THC
Smooth, creamy milk chocolate that is good till the last bite

That's a Spicy Dark Chocolate - 100mg THC
Rich dark chocolate with a hint of heat to awaken your senses




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