Mr. Sprankles - 350mg

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Mr. Sprankles is a medicated spice mixture that comes in a convenient shaker bottle. Each bottle is 350mg of THC in 7.5 grams of spice. A 10mg dose is just a couple of shakes. 

Mr. Sprankles is an innovative way to add THC to your diet.The different spice mixtures may be added to whatever foods you enjoy without adding significant calories. With four flavors to choose from you can medicate almost any meal. 

The goal at Mr. Sprankles is to provide medical cannabis patients with a variety of THC-infused spices for the times when convenience and control are just as important as potency.

Although many medicated edibles are high strength, there are fewer available for those with low tolerances or specific dietary needs. With Mr. Sprankles, you can discretely medicate as little or as much of your food as you want to your desired potency.

With Mr. Sprankles, you have the freedom to medicate as little as one bite of food. Using a proper dosage has never been simpler. The ability to regulate your dose, or self titration, is the idea of our entire product line.

At 350 mg per bottle, you can determine how many doses a bottle contains based on your individual needs. Use just a few shakes, or by the teaspoon, with your normal meals to keep yourself properly medicated as needed. We like to say "Mr. Sprankles makes the food you love into the medicine you need."

At Mr. Sprankles, we believe that adding cannabinoids to your meals is a sensible and useful way to medicate for patients looking to smoke less. All edibles come with a learning curve, and we want you to have the ability to medicate at a level that will make you feel comfortable. Start with a little, and later, take more as needed, wait an hour or more for full effect...

Mr. Sprankles Cinnamon Sugar, can be used in smoothies, on your favorite hot or cold cereal, and is great on warm, buttered sourdough toast. You can use it on baked goods from cookies to corn bread. It is delightful adding Mr. Sprankles' original flavor, Cinnamon Sugar, to a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

The strength of Mr. Sprankles Cinnamon Sugar enables potent results without an overwhelmingly sweet flavor.

Mr. Sprankles Garlic & Herb is a taste common in many different cooking styles ranging from American to Mexican, Italian, Indian, or Zen cuisine. Our Garlic & Herb is delicious on pastas, potatoes, curries, salsas, salads, fries, couscous, quinoa, and many meat or fish dishes.

Mr. Sprankles Garlic & Herb has been formulated to bring potency to lunch and dinner. Containing no salt or sugar, you can add potent THC to whatever foods you want without adding extra salt or sugar to your diet.

Mr. Sprankles Lemon Pepper can be used to medicate and add zest to side dishes, main courses, sandwiches of all kinds, or even simple condiments like ketchup. Mr. Sprankles Lemon Pepper contains a savory blend of lemon zest and blended white, pink, and black peppercorns to provide a bold kick of flavor.

Adding a dash of zest to almost anything, Mr. Sprankles Lemon Pepper is a low sodium, sugar-free, flavorful choice suitable for seasoning foods of all kinds.

Bland food doesn' stand a chance with this hot and spicy mix.
Mr. Sprankles Fuego is good on soups, sandwiches, popcorn, and breakfast dishes of a savory nature. A dynamic blend of several hot peppers, ginger, onion, garlic, and including a dash of the famous ghost pepper to provide a lasting burn that is also potent medicine.

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