When most people hear “cannabis,” their first thought is THC. THC is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. It provides several significant benefits, and it’s the compound responsible for the well-known high users often experience. It’s just one of many cannabinoids, however. CBD is another one of the most abundant compounds within the plant. While it won’t get you high, it does offer some significant advantages of its own. One benefit is assistance with muscle recovery. Here, we’ll take a look at CBD muscle recovery products and how they can help you. 

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How CBD Benefits Muscle Recovery

Several studies have shown that CBD has the potential to aid in muscle recovery. It can help in a few ways:

Reducing Inflammation

Strenuous exercise and muscle injuries result in inflammation. One of the best-known benefits of CBD is that it may help to reduce inflammation, enabling your muscles to heal and recover faster. 

Decreasing Muscle Tension

Muscle pain and tension can be very uncomfortable. CBD offers an alternative to conventional muscle relaxers. The cannabinoid helps to loosen tense muscles without the side effects that often accompany these medications. 

Improving Sleep 

Sleep is integral for healing and recovery. If you have trouble sleeping, it’s harder for your body to heal, and the process takes longer. CBD can help to improve the quality of your sleep, giving your body the time it needs to recover properly. 

CBD Products for Muscle Recovery

The great news about CBD for muscle recovery is that there’s no singular type of product that can help. There are various options on the market, enabling you to find what works best for your situation. 

Topical Products

CBD-infused pain-relieving creams and balms are among the most common topicals for muscle recovery. These products often contain additional ingredients to help treat discomfort and reduce inflammation. They offer quick, local relief. Additionally, if the CBD topicals contain THC, there is no risk of getting high. They’re discreet and easy to use. Harvest Bloom has a wide selection of topical products.


Tinctures are another type of product that offers fast relief. With these products, you can place a few drops under your tongue, and the cannabinoids absorb quickly into the bloodstream. Like topicals, tinctures are very discreet. Those that contain higher amounts of THC, however, can produce mental effects. 


CBD edibles are another easy-to-use and discreet option for muscle recovery. Unlike the other options, they do take a bit longer to kick in. There is a vast range of products, however, including infused protein powders, chocolates, flavored waters, and energy drinks. 

You can find various CBD muscle recovery products in a dispensary. Whether you’re an athlete, you work out regularly, or you’ve injured a muscle at work, these products may provide you with some much-needed relief. Each of these CBD products has its own unique benefits that can help ease pain and inflammation, allowing you to heal. Visit Harvest Bloom’s online menu to see our selection of CBD products and find what will provide you with the relief you need on your fitness journey.