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Vape pens have grown in popularity as an alternative to smoking cannabis. They provide a cleaner and more flavorful way to enjoy your favorite strains without the detrimental effects that accompany smoking. If you’re new to vaping, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available. Here’s what you need to know about your cannabis vape pen and hardware options.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is an alternative method used to inhale cannabis. A vaporizer, or vape pen, heats your chosen vape material to a temperature that vaporizes it but doesn’t combust it. You then inhale the vapor into your lungs, where the cannabinoids and other components absorb into your bloodstream.

The Benefits of Vaping

One reason why vaping has become so popular is that the cannabis material doesn’t combust in the vaporizer. It’s heated to just the right temperature, which avoids the creation of carcinogens and other toxins, making it a safer alternative to smoking.

Other benefits of vaping include:

  • No lingering smoke smell on your clothes, on your hair, or on your furniture
  • A mild scent that dissipates quickly
  • Fast-acting
  • Portable and easy-to-use

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Cannabis Vape Pen Components


Vape batteries come in various shapes and sizes. Long, thin pen-shaped vaporizers are one of the most well-known options. There are also batteries that are shorter and wider, resembling a small box. The boxier batteries typically support higher temperatures and longer times between charges.

Batteries also come in a range of voltages. Some have pre-set voltages, while others allow you to dial in your desired voltage, giving you greater control over the temperature and your overall experience.


Regardless of the style vaporizer you choose, the battery always connects to the atomizer. The atomizer transforms the battery’s electrical power into the heat that vaporizes your vape material.

Many pens use conduction heating, which involves heating an oil or dry flower on a hot surface. Others use convection heating, which moves heat over your vape material more evenly. These atomizers come in a variety of materials and styles, such as ceramic surfaces or metal coils.


The cartridge is the part of your cannabis vape pen that holds your vape material. Cartridges can be refillable or disposable.

In many cases, vape cartridges come with the atomizer as a single unit. While this is more common with disposable ones, you can also find refillable cartridges like this. In other cases, the cartridge and the atomizer are two separate pieces, with the atomizer attaching to the pen’s tank or chamber.

No matter if you choose a refillable or disposable cartridge, make sure that it will fit properly into your pen.


Cannabis vape pens charge via a USB cable. Only use the charger meant for your pen. Using a different one may result in overheating or explosion.

Charging times vary by battery size and type. Some may take as little as 30 minutes, while others can take a couple of hours. Most pens have a light that will let you know when it’s fully charged. The same light will also let you know when you have a low battery.

How the Cannabis Vape Pen Works

How you use your cannabis vape pen depends on what type it is. Some pens operate on “auto-draw,” meaning that they will heat the cannabis material when you take a draw. Other styles require you to hold down a button to heat your vape material.

When not in use, store your vape pen in its case, out of the heat and direct sunlight. You should also make sure to clean it and inspect it periodically to keep it in excellent working condition.

With so many options, finding the right cannabis vape pen can be challenging. To help make the process easier, speak with a budtender at your local dispensary for recommendations on where to start.