As the cannabis industry continues to expand and grow, new and interesting products appear almost daily. One such product that’s taking the cannabis world by storm is cannabis concentrates. There are so many to choose from, and they have many uses. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are products that involve processing the plant to extract the most desirable compounds (such as cannabinoids and terpenes). At the same time, the processes remove excess plant matter and impurities that you don’t want. Extraction methods vary by concentrate type.

One of the biggest benefits of concentrates is that they’re much more potent than cannabis buds, which means you only need a small amount to obtain the desired results. They also have several applications.

types of concentrates

Types of Concentrates

There are several types of cannabis concentrates on the market. Different types have various extraction methods, as well as different textures and appearances.


Shatter is a type of concentrate that involves the use of butane to extract cannabinoids and other compounds from the plant matter. The butane is evaporated in a vacuum oven, which keeps the liquid still as it dries. The final product is a brittle, transparent concentrate that breaks apart very easily.


Waxes also involve butane for extraction, but the evaporation process is different. Rather than keep the liquid concentrate still, it gets whipped. A rapid whipping results in crumble, while a slower, gentler approach leads to smooth, creamy budder.

Live Resin Sauce

Live resin sauce involves exposing flash-frozen cannabis buds to butane to extract desirable compounds. The liquid concentrate is then exposed to a gentle heat to remove the solvent. Next, the concentrate is jarred and aged. The result is a high terpene, lower cannabinoid product that has a stronger flavor and aroma.


Rosin doesn’t use any solvents. Instead, it relies on pressure and heat alone to remove the resin from the plant material. The final product retains much of the original plant’s terpene profile. It’s golden-yellow and has a sap-like consistency.


Oils have a thick, runny consistency. Instead of butane, they involve the use of CO2 to extract the desired compounds. The process requires a much lower temperature, so many of the terpenes get preserved. These oils are frequently found in vape pens, and it’s also commonly used in edibles.


Hash is another solvent-free concentrate. It involves pressing the kief (dry sift or pollen) into disks or pucks. Other forms involve sifting cannabis through screens to collect cannabis extract or using ice water.

Using Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have many uses. One of the most common is dabbing, where you apply the concentrate to the heated nail of a dab rig and inhale the vapor. You can sprinkle a small amount of concentrate over the ground buds in your joint, or use a concentrates vape pen. You can also use them to make edibles.

With so many concentrates and so many uses, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re interested in giving them a try, take some time and compare your options. You can also talk with a budtender to get an idea of what products might best suit your needs.