• Joint Legislative Committee Hearings on Adult Use of Marijuana Act
    The California legislature heard testimony from supporters and opponents of AUMA at a joint legislative hearing of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee, Health Committee, Revenue and Taxation Committee, and Senate Business, Professions and Economic Committee.
  • Tell CA Assembly: No Taxation of Medical-Only Marijuana
    May 10 - The CA Assembly is expected to vote on Asm. Wood's bill AB 2243 to impose a $9.25/ounce tax on cultivation of medical (only) marijuana in coming days. Now is the time to call on your Assembly member to oppose AB 2243.
  • Signatures Submitted for Marijuana Legalization Initiative in California
    May 4, 2016 - Sponsors have submitted more than 600,000 signatures for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, an adult-use legalization initiative that is expected to appear on the California ballot this November.
  • Assembly Public Safety Committee Passes DUID Bill to Appropriations
    April 19, 2016 - The Assembly Public Safety Committee narrowly passed a bill that would establish a 5 ng/ml per se standard for THC, criminalizing drivers with that amount in their blood.
    April 9, 2016 - California legislative committees are considering two different bills by North Coast legislators to tax commercial medical marijuana.
  • NO TAXATION WITHOUT LEGALIZATION: Cal NORML Opposes Bills to Tax Medical Marijuana
    Cal NORML is calling on the legislature to reject proposed legislation to tax medical (only) marijuana. SB 987 by Sen. McGuire would impose a 15% excise tax on retail purchases of medical marijuana in addition to the current 7.5+% sales tax plus various local business taxes assessed by some localities. AB 2243 by Asm. Wood would impose a $9.25 per ounce cultivation tax on all medical marijuana produced.

  • CDC Guidelines Instruct Pain Doctors Not to Test for THC
    March 17 - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in long-awaited guidelines on prescribing opioid medications for pain, gives tepid endorsement for the use of urine testing before and during opioid therapy for pain, and steers doctors away from testing for THC.
  • Hesperia Tables Medical Marijuana Ban in Favor of Personal Cultivation and Delivery
    March 1 - On the very day of the dreaded former MMRSA deadline that had cities and counties passing medical marijuana bans across the state, Hesperia city councilmembers unanimously voted to table their medical marijuana ban on its second reading.
  • Cal NORML Opposes Bill to Tax Medical Marijuana
    February 12 - California NORML has declared its opposition to a bill to impose a new 15% state excise tax on retail purchases of medical marijuana (SB 987 by Sen. McGuire). The tax would be in addition to the current 7.5+% sales tax plus various local business taxes assessed by some localities

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